Natick in the 1960's

Casey's Diner, Washington St. 1974 Watercolor by John Baeder, click on this llink for more information.


The Bicycle Store on Route 9 at the intersection of Rte 27 had a  landmark neon sign.              




The Fairway Bowling Alley on Rte  9                       



Carling opened their Natick Brewery in 1956 and it closed in 1975.  


           Downtown, the common hasn't changed much in 40 years.   



Coach House Candy on Route 9 near Speen St. was a popular spot to buy candy in the 1950's and 1960's.



In 1955, The Adventure Car Hop opened on Rte 9. It was the perfect place to go after the Drive In.   A few years later, the popular hangout was renamed,  Galaxy Car Hop.

Click on this Aerial View of the Galaxy Car Hop taken while Sherwood Plaza was under construction, circa 1959.